Your Little Safe Haven

Having a place of your own is the dream of every young person out there, isn’t it? A place you can call home, your safe haven, your part of the universe where everything is there strictly for you. Market has changed in recent years and (depending on the geographic coordinates of your dwelling) prices of real estate have rocketed and many young people find it hard to buy a flat, a house or a piece of land to build on.

The choice most of us have is to rent and dream of our own place that we’ll have sometimes in the future. Looking at the prices, the best option right now are one-bedroom apartments, and even though many would say that this is not enough space for a family, well look again.

Your Little Safe Haven

This recently popped up on my Facebook feed, a friend shared this link of 50 one bedroom apartment layouts, so if, or I better say when (we should all strive for the better) you get to a stage when you can afford your own place, be it a 1 bedroom apartment, here are 50 choices that can make your little safe haven look quite posh and spacious.

Featured image is my choice, the rest of them you can view here.

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