Daily Rant #1: Dreams, Growing Up, Taking Back Time

One more change to the blog will be a new series of rants called Daily Rants, but as it is always the case with me, don’t expect daily posts in this category, so catch them while they’re hot.

I recently switched jobs and as always, before joining a new company I had an informative interview. One of the tasks was to describe my character, dreams, wishes, myself. I stood silent for a moment, I never took time to try and describe myself. Usually words flow out of me once my fingertips touch the keyboard so describing myself in a conversation is a bit tough.

I said that I am a man of many dreams but not many goals. Not ambitious but a realist. At home I went on to ponder the thoughts that went through my head while going home. I am a man of many dreams, true, but none were achieved, but yes I am a realist. See, as a kid many have dreams to become rockstars, sport icons, movie stars…my first dream was to become a mechanic. Not much more than an oily, greasy mechanic who’d come home after work with hands black of motor oil even when washed. But things changed when I started taking up sports.

I joined a karate club and I as most of the kids, I wanted to become Bruce Lee and it went on as I changed sports, all dreams led to becoming the best. The one thing I wonder now is, if I dreamed of growing up and becoming whatever it was I wanted to become, why do I dream of taking back time and being a kid again?

3 thoughts on “Daily Rant #1: Dreams, Growing Up, Taking Back Time

  1. [ Smiles ] I think that adding “Daily Rants” to your blog is a great idea; best of luck with that project of yours!

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