Daily Rant #3: Blogs, Traffic, Topic

There are many blog posts on the topic of getting traffic to your blog and what not. Then I ran into a post by a seasoned blogger who simply told the audience that these tips and tricks are simply loads of bull…

I’m not going to say much more than that. See this is my “3rd” rant post but it is actually just one in a line of many. I have been running this blog since 2010 and I have been on and off for the duration of those 4 years. I came back because this is what relaxes me and this is a sort of a stress release vent for me.

Over these four years I tried several topics, sports, music, movies, funny videos and photos and what not, but the only thing that remained with me throughout is the poetry and writing. I studied English language and Literature, I love to write poetry and I do it because it allows me to share pieces of me, of my thought with the world out there.

So when it comes to numbers, by the click count you can see that I have not accrued too many clicks over the period simply because I was not active which confirms the fact that there are no rules of blogging and that your audience will increase with the number of posts. If you want the numbers then post a lot and get out there and share your blog on all the social networks you use, on other blogs, everywhere. I started like that, but it didn’t make me happy.

So my choice, or my advice to you is, find what you love, what makes you happy, what you would like to share to the world. Don, worry about the numbers. Visitors come, people appreciate things that come from the heart, and if you do this because you love it you’ll reach and captivate the interest of many people alike.

I don’t care about numbers, I care about feeling happy, and writing poetry makes me happy. Not that I’m good at it, but who cares?

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