What do we know about others?

“What was that famous Norwegian called?.” Somewhere along those lines was the question to a leading character in a book I recently recommended to you all, The Cockroaches. Solskjaer I think is the way you write the man’s name, Ole Gunar Soskjaer, a Norwegian football player, known as the super sub. It got me thinking. I’ve been reading the books by Joe Nesbo, and what do I know about Norway other that it’s up north, it’s cold, there is a man named Soskjaer, Carew, Pedersen (I will come back to him later) and the capitol is Oslo. Well to be honest not much. But it is not the point of my rant tonight. I was triggered to think about this yesterday when I saw my first visitor from Japan. I was amazed and somehow proud that someone from that far took interest to visit this site. I don’t even want to give space to the idea that this person stumbled to this blog and left asap. I asked myself, what do we know about others. I’ve been hearing people throw around the “self-sufficient” compound a lot. Confine yourself in four walls and see if you are self-sufficient. We are social group of creatures, with all our differences and similarities, some like to socialize more and some socialize less, but none of us has an excuse to be an ignorant idiot thinking that 5 feet away from your house is where the whole world is and nothing beyond that boundary matters. Everyone matters and we should all learn about others, because knowing others allows you to know yourself through comparison. Whether we like it or not we compare and there is nothing wrong with it.

The name I wrote earlier, Pedersen is the name of another Norwegian football player. Morten Gamst Pedersen. I don’t know what the meaning of his name is but I am sure he found out what his last name Pedersen, the Peder part in particular meant in Bosnian. Our football national team played Norway and beat them in Oslo a while back and Pedersen took part in that match. I think he had an altercation with Bosnian players because in his next club match and all the other following matches he wore the name Gamst on his back. Of course, us Bosnians want to think of it this way, without discussing any other possibilities. Peder in Bosnian means gay (note that I have nothing against gay population) so Mr. Morten Gamst was probably made aware of that fact which was the reason for the change on his shirts. I never discovered the true reason of that change, and I didn’t want to, because my explanation was sufficient.

So there is no real point in this rant other than to occupy your time and have you ask yourselves, what the hell am I reading?! Oh yes, do at least learn a few facts about others, don’t ignorantly think that the world is all within one nation, one geographical border, with modern technology we erased those. So those “others” became our neighbors and friends, at least have some decency to learn about your neighbors. I did, I learned that Andreas Thorkildsen is a Norwegian Javelin thrower who is the first male Javelin thrower to win the European, World and Olympic gold medal in his discipline. 

So there you have it world, and hope you have a good one.

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