Here but far away

Putting pen to paper sometimes is harder than it seams. Thoughts surge through my mind at the speed of light and I can’t put them all down. It has never been like this. I have never felt loved and lonely at the same time. I guess the days we’ve been apart have left a mark on me. One painted with desire, love, lust…never ending craving for your presence. It is all I need…you, near me, your eyes in mine…the light of your smile all around me, the warmth of your soul to calm me down. It is said that the distance makes the heart grow fonder. You’re not far yet you’re not within my reach. Even when you’re close you seem too far away, forbidden. Still I love you like that. The unknown about you…the taste of your lips, your skin…it is a torture being there, and staying true to the promise, it is.

I’ve given it away

the promise

that never in my life will I spoil the purity of your body

that never will I ask for something you can’t give

that never will I take what is not to be taken

I’m content

I’m keeping it

the promise

and never will I break my word

I dream of all the things mentioned

but time is comming when it all will come true

the moment when I’ll say

it is not the dream I’m in

it is a whole lot of reality

And there I close the chapter of my love’s voice. Close it to until the day comes. The day I can say I stayed true to it, to the promise. And the reward will be the biggest a man in love can get.

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