Daily Rant #4: I’m Starting To Hate the Weekends

Yes you read the title correctly. It is only normal for people to wait for the weekend to get their head cleared, body regenerated and rested and to just enjoy and get away from work. I was like that too, but seems like times are changing.

I’ve recently developed a habit of doing too many things on the weekend, to make up for lost time over the week so I really don’t get much time to rest and let loose.

I got involved in so many things, projects, in order to perform better at work so during the week everything revolves around getting better, upgrading the skill set and everything that I can’t complete goes over to the weekend. I’ve lost my free time and at times pressure becomes unbearable.

What made me a bit more relaxed and sad at the same time is the fact that I looked at other people and it seems like they are in the same mess as I am. Yes we have a job, yes we provide for our families, but we don’t have time to devote to our families because even when we’re at home we’re working.

Seems like we’re all involved in work, in providing the better future and getting all the material things we want, but that doesn’t nourish the soul. We have things, but we don’t have happiness and joy.

Right now I don’t have the solution to this, all I know is that I started hating the weekends because I lost the time where I enjoyed with the people I love, where I did things that relaxed me and nourished my soul. Once I figure it our, I’ll let you people know.

2 thoughts on “Daily Rant #4: I’m Starting To Hate the Weekends

  1. [ Smiles ] Like it or not, you need to slow down and don’t involve yourself with too many projects.

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