Daily Rant #5: Some Take Everything For Granted

It became apparent today that some expect you to do things simply because they tell you so. I am a person who has been working hard to get to where I am and to have what I have, not much has been given to me on a silver platter, and thank God I have been able to provide for me and my beautiful wife, things we once dreamed of, our own little corner in this world that is set up only by our rules.

But every once in a while there has to be someone who takes the right to invade your space, to thing that they can decide for you, make you do what they think is right or what they think should be done, regardless of what you can or can’t do, or actually whether you want or don’t want to do it.

Some have it all, some think what they have is the best, some have it all for granted as nothing they have has been achieved by them, nor earned by hard work. Their life is a rosy fairytale that’s been provided for them by their parents (God bless those parents who make sure their kids have) and they get what they want whenever they want. We get on that list by default as whoever they meet, or come across gets on the list of possessions, toys, something they rule or govern. to them, human life has no meaning, because it is not their life, and they don’t know how it is to work for something, so once they think or see that you don’t have what they think you should have, they tell you, order you to get it, because, well, in life you get things, you don’t earn them.

Usually people took simple things, little thing for granted. Little things make the world perfect. Recently people have started taking other people’s lives for granted, our lives have become little, insignificant, taken for granted. But again, little things make life perfect, and without us, those who have everything would have nothing, no one to take for granted, no one to make their life a rosy fairytale.

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