Image of the day: Remnants and messengers

Image of the day: Remnants and messengers

This could be interpreted as the view from my balcony, but I don’t want you to look at the sky as beautiful as it is. I want you to take look at the holes on the wall, in the bricks. These are all remnant of a war gone by and this building was on the front line. Many use this area to say how Bosnia and Herzegovina suffered a civil war, but that are all just attempts to hide the truth. These holes are made by shrapnel and they will always be there to remind us of how terrible a time we survived. At times I look and think that I am a lucky sod simply because I didn’t live here during the war. And then I think that I’m even luckier to live here now, because almost each of these larger holes has now become a nest for little sparrows, and the adorable chirping during the day is inspiration enough. These holes became messengers of maybe a bright, beautiful future that awaits there somewhere.

I will surely try to take a photo of one landing there. I tried, but so far no luck, but as soon as I get an image of better quality I’ll show it. But right now, you’re looking at a brick wall full of holes, I’m looking at a sound that makes my day, every day.

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