The doorstep of heaven

You took me to the gates of heaven,

you did,

Stopped me at the doorstep,

pressing your left hand against my chest.

You ran your right finger along my chin,

kissed me on the lips

pulled me in,

I could feel your skin trembling,

little drops of sweat ran down your neck,

your back as I ran my fingers along your skin.

You kept pulling me in,

straddling me, breathing deeply,

I opened my eyes, looked into yours,

the doors were open,

the beauty overwhelmed me,

heart skipped a beat,

muscles twitched,

breath shortened,

I stopped, as you pushed me away.

You closed the door, gave me a hug smiling,

went away.

I was left alone, at the doorstep of heaven,

Hoping to see it open again.

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