Fences and the Fog

This post comes a bit late. I woke up pretty early today. Went to visit my uncle who is, as it now seems, fighting a loosing battle with cancer. My wife and I accompanied my parents to the village of Stupni Do in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. A small village that had been burnt to the ground during the war in 1993.

The village was rebuilt, but one thing remained. That spirit of the past. Every time someone leaves, or is about to leave memories come back. Today, as if the sky cried when we came. My uncle was still recovering from his surgery, and even though he was told the diagnosis he kept a calm face, even trying to smile a few times. He is a fighter, he went through a lot, and I hope he fights and wins this battle again. He was written off before and came through.

I went out for a walk in the rain, and as I promised to a fellow blogger bzebza, I shot some photos. I forgot my camera so, the quality of the pictures is low, but to be honest, after hearing the news I didn’t really feel like taking photos. I did it anyway because I believe in the good old, life must go on, saying.

Anyway I went out and the first few pictures were the pics of the fences that I wanted to send to bzebza. But walking around the property I saw an amazing picture of the village covered in fog. It reminded me of the 1993 events. But that year, in one day the village was covered in smoke that rose from the burned houses. I turned away quickly and went for a walk following a muddy road outside the village and came across a stable full of sheep. I took a little peek and shot a picture a few little fellas that came to greet the strange visitor.

Across the road I saw something that is still being investigated by the National Heritage Preservation Comity. Namely it is a recently discovered necropolis. Ancient tombstones of all sizes. After snapping a few shots there I turned and headed home. Along the way a saw a new spring flower forming. Don’t know what it’s called but I took a photo of it too. I enjoyed its beauty that gave birth to new hope in me.

The same way those flowers rise every year in spring I hope my uncle will rise stronger from this battle.

Enjoy the gallery I made.

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