Citroen reveals DS Wild Rubis concept

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There is a famous wine-growing estate in Saint-Emillion in France, where this, the Citroen Wild Rubis concept, has made its debut. Clearly, it has been sampling far too much of the Cheval Blanc chateau’s produce. Just look at how purple it is.

And what it is is a future glimpse at how a DS-badged Citroen SUV could look. And doesn’t it look funky? Inebriation aside, it takes the genes of Citroen’s cool DS line and transposes it onto a body measuring up roughly the same size as a BMW X5, if a little shorter in height.

Citroen tells us the concept – set for a world debut at next week’s Shanghai Motor Show – is a “subtle combination of power and refinement, packed with technological innovations”. Sadly, we are given information on none of these things, barring a note that the DS Wild Rubis will feature a plug-in hybrid setup, which – if it mirrors that of the gorgeous Numero 9 concept we saw last year – equals a 300bhp combustion engine/electric motor and four-wheel-drive. In the 9, that setup was good for a 0-62mph time of just 5.4 seconds. Tasty.

Otherwise, what you see in the gallery, obviously – is what you get. It gets an SUV-strength version of the aforementioned Numero 9 concept’s front end, full-LED headlights, rear lights encased in chrome, a bodywork color that changes with the intensity of the light, and of course, motor-show spec 21in wheels. And is it just us, or is there something of the Infiniti FX50 S about the Wild Rubis?



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