Death In The Woods (Part IV)

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Stewart entered the interrogation room and interrupted what seemed to be a hostile interview. John was in tears and his face was swollen and battered.

Am I interrupting anything?

No sir, he is all yours, and ready to confess.

Thank you officer, I’ll have a chat with him alone now.

A dark haired officer exited the room with a smirk on his face. He was sure he had done enough to intimidate John. All he had to do now is get the camera to Alden without him noticing it. He didn’t need Stewart on his back, asking how and why he took the camera away from the crime scene.

So, you are going to confess something John, or did I understand this wrong? – asked Stewart.

No sir. I already told you my story. And that was the truth. The dog that just left the room wants me to take the fall. He said he has all the evidence against me. All the photos confirming I was at the crime scene. But he was the one that took me there.

So you are saying that this officer is trying to frame you for the murder of your brother and Ron?

Yes, sir. He wanted to get my brother off the street as soon as possible sir. Ever since I stole the rims of his tuned up BMW he is trying to get me behind the bars. I did nick his rims but I know that you can’t get them on an officer’s paycheck.

So tell me this. Was that officer alone in the patrol car when he picked you up, or was someone with him?

He was alone sir.


It was already 4 am and Stewart was getting tired. He was now sure that there is a lot more in this story then it appeared on the surface. This was getting deeper and deeper. What he didn’t know is that he was about to get some help from a man related to the victim. Someone who was driven by revenge and who has had it with crocked cops and, as he used to call John, an idiot of a cousin.


Joe arrived to The Ville at 6:15 am. The only place that was open in the town was his cousin’s diner. He new she wouldn’t be there but her husband will as he was probably ordered to stay away from the case. He wasn’t a police officer but had many friends in the police. Joe knew that so that looked like the perfect place to start his own investigation.

Things change over night, don’t day Philip? – he shouted after opening the door.

They do Joe, but this time the reason is a bad one. I have to ask for an apology on my wife’s behalf, as I believe it was a bit out of order to wake the aunt up in that manner. But she was a mess, and still is, she didn’t know what she was doing.

No worries Pip, we’ll discuss that later. I think there are far more important issues to discuss. I’m sure you’ll give me a reason, and some names, won’t you?

The reason is obvious Joe, but the names list is not a long one. All points to John.

And why would John do that Pip?

You tell me. – said Philip pouring a cup of coffee to John. He moved to James’ flat couple of weeks ago. He followed James around like a servant. Wasn’t getting into trouble as he knew James would beat the shit out of him, like he did a while ago.

He beat John? – asked Joe surprised.

Well, he did deserve it. – continued Philip. He was trying to get a few teenagers to vandalize the car of a police officer. The one that beat him on a few occasions, and whose rims he stole couple of months ago. 

Yes the one who called up my house to see if he was hiding at our place like James did. What was his name again, Irvine?

Yes, that one.

So what did your friends tell you Pip? Anyone know anything past the “obvious” evidence.

Not for now, Joe. All I know is that the new detective is leading the case. I don’t know him, but I might get you to ‘bump’ into him if you’d like.

You do that, Pip. And this is a damn good cup of coffee, I give you that.

Thanks Joe. I fixed you a sandwich too, so grab a bite while I make few calls.

Joe didn’t need a second invitation. A long day was ahead of him.

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