The Author

We all have dreams and wishes, we all go through failure and success. Some more than the others, but we go down the same road. My name is Adnan, a young kid trapped in a 26 year old’s body. I have many dreams, to drive a Lambo for example, or an Aston Martin V8 Vantage, to have a lot of money, but don’t we all?! But those are only material wishes, things that we would like for some time and leave after we’ve had enough of it (even though I haven’t come across someone who has had enough of being a millionaire).

I have started this blog for several reasons. My love of writing, my fear of being wrong and inadequate, and my desire to change for the better, myself, my life, and my self esteem. You will read things i think are funny, you will read things I think are sad, parts of my diary, about my love of football, cars, my ideas about the world and everything.

You will also read my poems, they will be written on the go. Most of them are written because of one person, one person whom I love the most. She is also a reason why I started this blog.

So everyone is welcome, your suggestions, critique, comments, everything. Enjoy, and as the title says “This is a blog about everything you, I mean, I want”.