Kolmanskop: A Ghost Diamond

In the early 1900 the Namib desert was a famous diamond site for many Germans. Many of them moved there and built a city giving it a name Kolmanskop. A hospital, school, sports and dance hall were built in a very short space. Very soon the first tram in Africa was built in Kolmanskop. Only 40 years later the town was abandoned and is now known as the Ghost Town.

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A railroad worker Zacharias Lewala found the diamond in 1903 while building a railroad through the desert. Research showed that the area was rich in diamonds which made thousands of Germans move to that area. In the search for diamonds Germans built the town Kolmanskop and in 1920 300 men and women lived there with 40 children.

After the WW1 the diamonds reserves were all spent and the town was finally abandoned by 1954. Huge buildings were left behind to face the desert sands and winds.

These days Kolmanskop is a Ghost Town, hosting numerous tourists who come to take photos of the abandoned structures. Numerous movies and sitcoms are being filmed there too.

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