Death in the woods

James turned on the wipers on to the maximum as the rain started to fall even harder. They struggled to keep the rain off the windshield.  The old white Ford Fiesta was trundling along the country road further up the mountain and into the forest with its two passengers breathing nervously into the night. You could cut the tension with a knife. He stopped at the side of the road and looked at his passenger. They were both the same height, both athletic, strong men in their early 30’s. Two drug lords in a small workers town. There was hardly enough place for one, but tonight they would have to work together to fight off the third one. They were summoned together, to come in one car, ordered to look as inconspicuous as it could have been possible. None of them were used to receiving orders, none of them liked that so it was logical that precaution was advised. James kept clutching the gun at his waist whenever he had the chance. He was at a disadvantage already having to drive and most of the time both of his hands were occupied. Yet, he felt that the danger was not coming from his fellow passenger, something else was looming in the dark.


Joe was at home watching late night show with Jay Leno, contemplating the date he has just been on. He wasn’t really sure whether he liked the girl or not. Her strange eyes were a serious turn off, but he kept thinking about her body. He decided to keep thinking about the body because he needed some relaxation. After all, working in the field the whole day was exhausting and his body ached all over. The chatting noise coming from the television was interrupted by a curious ringtone coming from upstairs. It was his mother’s phone.  Who would call her this late at night? It was already 1am and her phone rarely rang ever.

Hallo – she said barely being able to stay awake.

Joe couldn’t hear what was said on the other end but the reaction of his mother made him realize that it was nothing to be happy about. She started sobbing which very soon turned into a loud cry. She was awake now, she wished she wasn’t. Joe climbed up the spiral stairs and stopped midway to hear better. His mother just kept asking: “How?”

Not sure what was going on he finally asked.

Mom, are you Ok?

No son, I’m not ok, James was found dead half an hour ago. Aileen called to tell me the news.  – she said.

What an idiot. – mumbled Joe, already thinking about the ways to scream at Aileen who was the messenger. But she was James’ sister, he could only imagine what she was going through.

He also knew how much his mother loved James. She took him under her own wing when he was abandoned by his parents. She raised him like her own son. He was her blood. There was nothing Joe could do now. He could hear his mother crying. All he could do now was try ad console her. They had to wait until the morning.

On the other side of the country, a police investigation had already started.

Read part II here.

7 thoughts on “Death in the woods

    • Thank you. It really is my first crack at this. But the painful truth is that this is based on a real event from my life, maybe that is why I’m able to express myself a bit well easier..although remembering those days is not easy

      • I completely understand what you mean but sometimes I feel that writing something completely made up is easier because you’re not confined to memories…there’s more room for imagination in the unknown… My nightmare is complete fiction but unresponsive is completely true, I try to play in both realms I guess! Happy writing!

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