Daily Rant #2: What’s on the Menu?

Fast food has long been and long will be the food of a working man. I know that people like Jamie Oliver would disagree but what does he know. See living in a small country doesn’t give you that many options, especially if you’re working in a small town with about 10 000 people. See, there is no Italian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican or what not type of cosine, there is a variety of pies, hamburgers and kebab. (Ćevap as we say it in Bosnian) If you wonder how to pronounce this, well close to chewap, there or there about.

See after months and years of eating this you get fed up, and not being well versed in the kitchen I don’t have too many options to make home and take with me. All I can make are a few sandwiches and eggs so what do you do? Can someone come and open a new restaurant nearby, we need something new to eat.

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