No Idea

So a day comes when you’re clueless (or cluesless as I wrote the first time 🙂 ). A man goes to browse the interweb and finds something. So I went n the interweb and found this. No not this but a video I’ll show bellow.

See, I’m an active person, lazy when it comes to studying (boring stuff, you know) but not when it comes to sports, wish I was a pro athlete, but as I said in the previous post to lazy when that sport becomes an obligation. Anyway, there is this parkour thing, a sport that’s been developed from an running French military troops used to cover rocky distances in a quick way namely the path of the warrior or something like that. And me like a lot. It’s just brilliant how people can move and do fun stuff and also get injured. I’ve been watching some tutorials on how to do basic things and then went on to watch a whole competition, free running championship, to see how the professionals do it and when a saw this video of a pro missing his jump, I stepped back a bit and thought that this discipline might not be for me, even in the basic form.

Anyway, enough of me, watch the video, and once you done go to Youtube and see some other stuff  you might like it.

See you soon.

He was good, injured but alive.

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