Rationally emotional

We are all emotional, rational beings. We love, we hate, we tend to be overwhelmed by various feelings and we try to keep our head calm and cool, stay collected and think clearly and rationally come certain situations. But that is a struggle within ourselves, isn’t it? Used in excessive amounts neither of the two are good, be it a positive or a negative feeling, a rationalization that will lead to a positive or a negative outcome.

I’ve been going over this for the past couple of days. Couple of years ago I read Samuel Becket’s “Endgame”. I must admit I didn’t like it, I didn’t understand it at first. I’m not even sure I understand it now. I will not go into details about the play or its characters, but I will say that many argue about the setting of the play, where is it that two main characters find themselves, what is that place?! Does it have to be a place at all?

I connected it to the feelings, to the conscience and subconscious, to the emotion and to the rationalization.

I have been watching a lot of House MD recently. I am quite taken in by the metaphoric play, by the depiction of characters, by the interplay between different personalities, and most of all by the connection between Dr. House and everyone else. Choose any other character to connect him with and you’ll end up watching Samuel Becket’s play all over again. He is self proclaimed Mr. Rational, one who has no place for emotions. Even if he does, the viewer notices it but the characters never do, and even when they do, he pulls back from that emotional interaction and does something so ruthless that only true friends can tolerate, something that misguides them in the direction where they can be safe from him and he could be emotionally safe  and detached from them.

That is that endgame that went through my head recently. Can a person be only rational, or only emotional? Where is the line that divides people into these two groups? Can people be divided into only two groups? (of course not, but I hint at only seemingly complete emos and complete rationalists). When does a rational person become an arrogant prick, and when does an emotional person become a complete wuss? Can a thrive to rationally explain emotional processes or everything that happens in life lead to total detachment, alienation, solitude? Can excessive emotionality do the same?

Too many questions again, with a pretty bad timing for me. All I could figure out is that, I let emotion lead the way. If the choice hurts I look for a rational explanation to what went wrong and try to find a new direction. But is it all that simple, is there a “ramotional” type, can I be it?

This is just an attempted elaboration on what goes on in my head at the moment. Yet again I’ve touched on many things and probably finished none. I will go back to this, there will be a follow up.

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