The Quote

The only way to discover the limits of  the possible 

is to go beyond them into the impossible 

-Arthur C. Clarke

Natural reaction to the word impossible is resignation. At times we give up at the first tough part, not to mention the “impossible”. Those who don’t even try never fail, yet they never succeed. Their lives go by without any moments worth remembering. They grow old without stories to tell to their children, grandchildren, without moments to go back to when the going gets tough. No moments to share with their loved ones. Their life remains a straight line.

Most beautiful drawings, most beautiful photographs are made of millions and millions of different lines, facing in millions of directions. Filled with shades of many colors telling many different stories without even saying a word. That is what the picture of your life should be. You want to be able to pick it up, show it to everyone and say; “Look at my masterpiece, behold it’s beauty, enjoy”. 

Those able to say that are the ones who are truly rich. Those are the people that didn’t turn their back on impossible, they gave themselves a chance, the tried.

Their faces shine like the sun, and every time you look in their eyes they tell a different story, a beautiful story, one you never want to stop listening to. That is what life should be. That is what I….

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